Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling

ISSN 1542-3050 (Print)
ISSN 2167-776X (Online)

readThe Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling advances theory and professional practice through scholarly and reflective literature on pastoral and spiritual care, counseling, psychotherapy, education, and research.

Effective Vol 69:1 (March, 2015) JPC&C is published on the platform of SAGE Publications (JPC&C at SAGE) – and subscriptions and submissions are managed at that website.

All material submitted to JPC&C must reflect the ethical standards of the pastoral associations that sponsor JPCP and those of SAGE Publications. The association standards are available at the associations’ websites. Consult SAGE Submission Guidelines for information concerning SAGE’s standards.

JPC&C publishes articles such as the following:
  • Concrete and detailed reports of significant areas of pastoral/spiritual care work, with discussion
  • Research Studies of importance to the pastoral/spiritual care mission of religious communities
  • Articles advancing understanding of the practice of Clinical Pastoral Education and Pastoral Counseling/Psychotherapy
  • Articles that explore the distinctive as well as the common characteristics of Ministry/Spiritual Care in relation to other helping professions and/or institutions
  • Articles offering new or novel theoretical models or approaches to pastoral/spiritual care

Articles, Brief Reflections, Poetry, and Specialty Manuscripts: Please review the Guidelines that you will find at SAGE Submission Guidelines. Contact the Editor in Chief if you need assistance.

Book Reviews

Publishers submit books for review to the Book Review Editor who selects which books will be reviewed. Persons interested in reviewing books should contact the Book Review Editor or the Editor in Chief.

Media and Media Reviews

Contact the Media Editor regarding new or novel media offerings and reviews relevant to the field of pastoral/spiritual care, counseling, psychotherapy, and education.

Peer Reviewers are selected on the basis of professional qualifications and literary and/or research contributions to the field of pastoral/spiritual care and counseling. Most are recommended by the leadership of JPCP Member Associations. Individuals may apply to become a Peer Reviewer through a formal letter of interest to the Editor in Chief. Applicants must submit a curriculum vitae and writing samples, along with an academic or professional letter of recommendation.

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