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Expanding the Circle: Essays in Honor of Joan Hemenway

edited by: Catherine F. Garlid, Angelika A. Zollfrank, George Fitchett
ISBN-10: 0929670035; ISBN-13: 978-0929670034
Paperback $19.76; e-book $5.00
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expanding“Bridging from Joan Hemenway’s own writings to new reflections by a wide variety of clinical pastoral educators, these essays show the growth of the CPE model into contemporary relational and intercultural perspectives. Excerpts from verbatims and the authors’ personal experiences make this volume both lively and accessible. A fine tribute to one of the foremothers of modern pastoral care!”

— Pamela Cooper-White

Anton Theophilus Boisen: His Life, Work, Impact, and Theological Legacy

by Robert David Leas
ISBN-10: 0929670043; ISBN-13: 978-0929670041
Paperback $22.46; e-Book $5.00
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51poWU+NXaL“Bob Leas’ biography of Anton Boisen has added significantly to our comprehension of this seminal figure in the origins of Clinical Pastoral Education. His weaving together dynamic portrayals of family members, crucial moments and persons in his professional life, and many revealing vignettes provide insight into this very complex person.”

— James Gibbons

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Special Visions: Poems by and for Pastoral Caregivers

edited by Orlo C. Strunk, Jr. Ph.D.
ISBN-10: 0595428819; ISBN-13: 978-0595428816
paperback at $10.95
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d2a49cc29e70db7c1d42498d2ed71f8f.1500In these 65 brief poems – selected from back issues of The Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling – healthcare chaplains, pastoral counselors, pastoral educators as well as their counselees, patients, and parishioners, express themselves. Their sensitive poems capture in words the thoughts and feelings that daily characterize the pastoral caregiving scene.

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Spiritual Needs and Pastoral Services: Readings in Research

edited by Larry VandeCreek
Re-published in January 2011 by Wipf & Stock
ISBN-10: 1608999769; ISBN-13: 978-1608999767
Retail: $46.00; Internet: $36.80
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41sBTzM+XXLWhat do spiritual needs, health care, pastoral services, religious resources, statistics, and quantitative research methods have in common? Traditional literature in the pastoral care, counseling, and education movement probably would say “Not a great deal.” Indeed, the pastoral arts and sciences have tended to be high on art (especially praxis) but relatively low on science (especially Quantitative research).
In this book, Dr. Larry VandeCreek has gathered a number of samples of previously published research reports which inform hospital chaplains, congregational pastors, hospital personnel, and theological students about ways in which knowledge gained from carefully designed research can enhance their project of care. The quantitative research reports in this volume explore topics such as the role of spirituality in terminally ill hospitalized patients, the demonstrated helpfulness of prayer in health crises, the impact of hope among women with breast cancer, the role and impact of chaplaincy services in general hospitals, and several other topics in which the relationships between spirituality and health care is explored.

From Ministry to Theology: Pastoral Action and Reflection

by John H. Patton
ISBN-10: 1606088149; ISBN-13: 978-1606088142$16
Retail: $18.00; Internet: $14.40
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71RE7JdeRhLThis book is about the process involved in theological reflection. That process moves from something to something — from the practice of ministry to the construction or reconstruction of Christian theology. The word action in the subtitle reflects the book’s focus on the process of theological reflection more than the results of it.

The book begins with the assumption that ministers, lay or ordained, operate from some kind of theological understanding of what life is about, and that the practice of ministry can change that understanding in an important and creative way. It also makes the assumption that Christian doctrine and belief are repeatedly constructed and reconstructed, not just by professional theologians, but by ordinary believers who take their faith seriously enough to think about it.

Research in Pastoral Care and Counseling: Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches

by Larry VandeCreek, Hilary Bender, Merle R. Jordan; foreword by: Margot Hover
ISBN-10: 155635889X; ISBN-13: 978-1556358890
Retail: $21.00; Internet: $16.80
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71ICX4yfdlLThe first part of this book, focusing on Quantitative Research, was originally published as A Research Primer for Pastoral Care and Counseling (by Larry VandedCreek). In the foreword to this expanded text, Margot Hover writes as follows: “This is truly a book for all … seasons – for those led apprehensive or even kicking and screaming into pastoral research as well as for those who enthusiastically indulge their curiosity in this way. It is for those who love to tinker with numbers as well as for those who look for patterns in the kind of documentation we excel at gathering – verbatims, anecdotes, case histories… I grabbed Larry VandeCreek’s book the first time I heard the term “pastoral research” as part of my job description and my residents and I have relied on it ever since. The reader will find equally valuable this edition, which includes comparable guidance and instruction for qualitative research from Hilary Bender and Merle Jordan.”

Sexual Abuse by Clergy: A Crisis for the Church

by James N. Poling, Marie M. Fortune, and Larry K. Graham
ISBN-10: 1556356862; ISBN-13: 978-1556356865
Retail: $13.00; Internet: $10.40
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61BA5CjmMqLBased upon oral presentations given at plenary sessions at an annual conference of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors, Marie Fortune, Executive Director of The Center for the Prevention of Sexual & Domestic Violence, and James N. Poling, a professor of pastoral theology at Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary, explore the devastating reality of clergy sexual misconduct. The monograph offers actions that need to be taken within both socio-political and a theological contexts. There is an Introduction by Larry Kent Graham, Professor of Pastoral Theology and Care at the Iliff School of Theology in Denver, Colorado.

Clergy Sexual Ethics: A Workshop Guide

by Donald C. Houts
ISBN-10: 1556358903; ISBN-13: 978-1556358906
Retail: $5.00; Internet: $4.00
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71SoVxxa7OLThis monograph describes one of the early programs designed to help clergy become more conscious about professional ethics in general and more specifically about sexual boundaries in the practice of ministry.

Vision from a Little Known Country: A Boisen Reader

by Glenn H. Asquith, Jr., Ed.
ISBN-10: 0929670051; ISBN-13: 978-0929670058
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IMG_8213While the contemporary world is facing issues different than in the time of Boisen, the theological and religious questions regarding suffering and conflict, illness, and social movements remain the same. Boisen focuses on the religious meaning of individual suffering (especially as manifested in mental illness) and he was also interested in the social conditions which surrounded human suffering. Thus, while this material reflects the vision of a man which began over eighty years ago, it can be argued that this vision not only has contemporary relevance but also speaks with a prophetic voice to the future.